Incredibly low cost of living in Bangkok - an extremely frugal person can live and pay tuition with an average of only $560 per month.


Crowd Funding for yourself or others.

In the past, the thought of a Go Fund Me campaign to pay for an entire US degree was pretty unrealistic. But because our program is so affordable, now it's a realistic option.


While our degree and the cost of living in Bangkok are just a fraction of the cost of getting your degree in the US, it's still not free. You can get your degree and pay your food and housing expenses, living like a student, for about $800 per month.

Now, how many friends and relatives do you have?

Perhaps your parents can help out with $250 per month. An aunt with $100. Three uncles and another aunt at $75 each. Your old boss/mentor at $50 and four friends at $25 each.

Add it up: That's $800. That's enough to study and live on this degree program (admittedly like a student).

It's pretty easy to set up a Go Fund Me account, just message me if you need some help.

And do not forget that there is still the option of our Work and Study program to help pay for your studies.


I get requests on a daily basis from students, especially those in SE Asia, requesting scholarships to study on our program. Many of them have heartbreaking stories of terrible poverty, violence, and abuse. Some are refugees. Many are orphans. When I read these stories, I can't help but think about how lucky I was to be born where I was, in the most affluent and society to have ever existed.

Think about it--how much do you spend every time you go to Starbucks? Eight dollars?

What if you skipped that Starbucks trip just twice per week? That's $70 per month. What if 9 of your friends did the same?

You might be surprised to know that $700 is enough to support one student get a full degree from Lamar Universtiy at the Tri-continent degree in Bangkok, Thailand, including all tuition, food, and housing.

Historically it was only the rich, the elite, who could afford to go to the US to get a degree. They got the best jobs and the highest pay. But with this simple act, you can give this gift to a student of need and change their life, and probably the life of their entire family, forever.

Below you will find the profiles of students seeking help and a link to their Go Fund Me campaigns.


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